“Behind that (success) was this girl, this woman who was tired of masking, tired of living this masculine life”

Yesterday was my first guest appearance on a podcast. To say it was a vulnerable, transparent, bare my heart moment is true. I’ve been raw and real. Really raw and really real.

I could have cancelled a hundred times and I didn’t.

I went ahead with it because I knew with Susana Frioni I was safe.

I went to bed last night with a little ‘vulnerability hangover’ as Brenè Brown would say. Today I am in awe of my willingness to expand.

I will post the link to the full episode when I can.

High fives all around!
How do I relate to the word Milf & Erotic?

How has my Autism diagnosis changed my life as a Woman, Lover & Mother?

Drugs, Alcohol & Meditation and so much more.

Here is my first podcast interview. I am Unfiltered. Transparent. Heart Unguarded.

I’d love to know if anything landed with you? ❤️