In my world we are half way through school holidays and I am cheering!!!!

1 week left. I have 5 of the next 8 days with my kids (4 really as tomorrow I am prepping my BAS & our tax stuff then catching up with a friend).

I have struggled the last few days for various reasons.

Being on the Spectrum myself & being out of routine, having kids on the Spectrum out of routine, other changes in our lives….my expectations not being realistic…

The details are minor – being able to voice my struggles and take action is what matters to me.

Are we having a good break from school overall? Yes.

No phone zone is coming in early. I’m unplugging from the social media and the email world and plugging in to my world – me – my kids – my husband – my friends – humanity – now.

Being present in my now is where I need to be.

I will be back Monday….maybe…

To all you Mothers out there who aren’t enjoying all of the holidays – its ok. We are halfway through and I feel you.

High fives and loads of love & if you need me text me ♥️🙌🤸‍♀️

Zoe Martin
Human. Autistic. Mother.