I launched my monthly membership group at the end of April and it kinda FAIL-ED (First Attempt In Learning).

I was realistic about it not 100% crushing it from the get go. You know what the epic thing is…I could feel it wasn’t in alignment after the first month. So, I sat back for 2 weeks, watched & listened to my intuition and went straight to the Mothers in there.

I wanted a space that was nourishing, soft and safe. I wanted to add value to their lives while providing a village of Mothers that only a Spectrum Mother knows…

I did not want to add to their already ‘out of control’ to do list. I was. There was a lot of greatness in there yet it was missing the mark.

Tomorrow sees the rebirthing of the Collective. We all connect on Zoom tomorrow for the first time. ‘Empowering You’ is the theme. I am so excited about what we are going to delve into.

These Mothers will leave with a deeper trust in themselves and their ability to move through storms. This is confidence. They will know themselves more than they did today. This is empowerment.

They will all get to talk to each other for the first time instead of writing to each other. CommUNITY. Connection. Live coaching if they ask for it.

High fives and here’s cheers to change and making things even greater than before – that includes YOU!

Zoe Martin
Awakening Mentor

Awaken your wisdom
Awaken your heart
Awaken YOU

Photo @iankim