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Half Way Through

In my world we are half way through school holidays and I am cheering!!!! 1 week left. I have 5 of the next 8 days with my kids (4 really as tomorrow I am prepping my BAS & our tax stuff then catching up with a friend). I have struggled the last few days for […]

They Knew

I’m about to fly home after 3 days with Women who knew. They are all in business. When I spoke of my wins, ‘learns’, confusion and asked for help – I was seen, heard, understood and HELPED. That’s how you feel when you surround yourself with your village. Same feelings are felt when I’m with […]

Erotic MILF?

I DID IT! “Behind that (success) was this girl, this woman who was tired of masking, tired of living this masculine life” Yesterday was my first guest appearance on a podcast. To say it was a vulnerable, transparent, bare my heart moment is true. I’ve been raw and real. Really raw and really real. I […]

I Failed

I launched my monthly membership group at the end of April and it kinda FAIL-ED (First Attempt In Learning). I was realistic about it not 100% crushing it from the get go. You know what the epic thing is…I could feel it wasn’t in alignment after the first month. So, I sat back for 2 […]