Zoe Martin

Zoe is a Mother to Billy and Zhema and a wife to Scott.  She is also a woman with big dreams and one life. In 2015 her family started a downward spiral that left Zoe feeling alone, scared, exhausted and failing at Motherhood.  On the outside the family ‘appeared normal’ and Zoe had it all.  The successful career in finance, the family, the holidays.  She would cry herself to sleep at night.  It was like she was leading 2 lives and what was happening inside her family home was far from what the outside world could see.

And so began the unbecoming and becoming of her family when her son was the first of all 4 of them to be diagnosed with Autism.  Zoe was last being 17 months later.  She says that her diagnosis of Autism really spelt ‘Freedom’ and was a huge step in her journey home, to the woman she had been searching for.

“Behind that [success] was this girl, this woman who was tired of masking, tired of living this masculine life.” 

She couldn’t stop the voice inside that led her to founding the Sacred Spectrum Mothers Movement. Zoe created this Movement to serve the current and future Spectrum Mothers. To leave a legacy for the Mothers who are gifted with Children on the Spectrum so they can live and parent through connection, confidence and a deep trust in their capabilities as chosen Mothers.  A place where neurodiversity is embraced and toxic vibes are not.  When you are with other Mothers that know, you don’t feel alone again.  You don’t have to explain yourself and hope they ‘get it’.  A safe space to voice your fears and challenges and to celebrate all the wins.  In this world, the smallest thing is gigantic.