In my world we are half way through school holidays and I am cheering!!!!

1 week left. I have 5 of the next 8 days with my kids (4 really as tomorrow I am prepping my BAS & our tax stuff then catching up with a friend).

I have struggled the last few days for various reasons.

Being on the Spectrum myself & being out of routine, having kids on the Spectrum out of routine, other changes in our lives….my expectations not being realistic…

The details are minor – being able to voice my struggles and take action is what matters to me.

Are we having a good break from school overall? Yes.

No phone zone is coming in early. I’m unplugging from the social media and the email world and plugging in to my world – me – my kids – my husband – my friends – humanity – now.

Being present in my now is where I need to be.

I will be back Monday….maybe…

To all you Mothers out there who aren’t enjoying all of the holidays – its ok. We are halfway through and I feel you.

High fives and loads of love & if you need me text me ♥️🙌🤸‍♀️

Zoe Martin
Human. Autistic. Mother.

I’m about to fly home after 3 days with Women who knew. They are all in business. When I spoke of my wins, ‘learns’, confusion and asked for help – I was seen, heard, understood and HELPED.

That’s how you feel when you surround yourself with your village. Same feelings are felt when I’m with Conscious Mothers gifted with children on the Spectrum.

This is one excited Mama going home to her waiting family. Cup full. The peace and quiet and luxurious food and company has been Devine.

I’m coming home 🙌❤️