Life changing connection & support for Mothers of children on the Spectrum

Who I am What we do

You are doing everything in your power to get help for your child and you know you need help and support too!

It’s here.  You have found it.

You are the pinnacle in your child’s journey.  I want to help you. Your child deserves you showing up as the best version you can be.  You deserve to show up as the mother you know in your heart that you want to be. You are the Sacred Spectrum Mother.

I’m here to support and guide you back to your inner wisdom, connect you back to your intuition and have you stepping into a life of radical love and acceptance for yourself, your child and your life.

How would you feel if you:

  • Woke up each day feeling so grateful that you have been given the gift of a child on the Spectrum in your life
  • Had a sacred judgment free space from a mother who walks, talks and lives the Spectrum path and with whom you can offload your fears, worries, hopes and dreams and be guided with real life practices and tools.
  • Each day life started to get better and better
  • Your heart kept expanding and your capacity to love just kept getting bigger and bigger
  • Your family went from surviving to thriving
  • Forgiveness and understanding were the backbone of your family
  • Smiling, cuddling and laughing with your children was the norm
  • Connection with your partner deepens

All of this is will be your new reality.  It is mine. I made it happen and so can you.  Step by step we will work together and this will be your new paradigm.    

It’s time to breathe again. You have been holding your breathe and hanging on tight on this rollercoaster journey and now you can exhale. I totally get it and understand just how scary and exhausting the ride is and I am super excited to say to you that there is a way off this rollercoaster!   

I am an Autistic woman experiencing the full range of human emotions with my husband Scott, my son Billy and daughter Zhema who all run Autism wiring.  I share insight through living on the Spectrum. I know that connection is what is important and not socialisation.  

I lived in fear and in argument with the way life was.  I yelled. I’ve gone down that dark hole and gathered my own life skills, coaching and mentoring and filled my toolkit so I can serve you, the Sacred Spectrum Mother.  

Let’s get started.